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Enjoy a fully-customized experience by helping us

grow our community through c+i by Invitation!

Simply help three new Merchandisers launch

their own c+i business between January + March



Let's start exploring!

Treat yourself to exclusive day spa treatments, indulgent massages or calming meditation sessions – you’ve earned it!

Build + Create

Train + Work Out

Be creative, be confident, be YOU and indulge your artistic side with photography, painting, writing, or gardening classes!

Relax + Unwind

Explore + Reconnect

Feel great and get in shape with experiences like personal training sessions, yoga classes, or hikes in the great outdoors

Spend time with your loved ones via experiences like family-friendly outdoor activities or a romantic night out for two!

For the c+i foodie, get seated at a trendy restaurant or hone your culinary skills with a cooking class or wine tasting 

Eat + Drink

Blueboard Experiences

After having earned the incentive once, I would definitely love to earn more Blueboard rewards in the future!


Oh, you know, just #blueboarding today with my 4th free guitar lesson from @blueboardinc and @chloeandisabel! I didn’t realize how much I missed having music in my life!

- Jayme

A special thanks to Erica for all of her help! The entire experience was easy going and very rewarding!  

- Eva

Seriously, my Blueboard experience was nothing short of amazing. To have a night out with my husband, enjoy a gourmet meal and not have to pay is such a blessing!

- Caitlyn

5 stars for customer service! Erica went above and beyond to make sure our experience was perfect! 

- DeAnna

Blueboard Experiences

Past Experiences

Sarah at Great Wolf Lodge

Blueboard Experiences
Blueboard Experiences

I used my Blueboard incentive tonight to go to my first ever NBA game!!! Thank you C+I for this amazing opportunity I would have never been able to afford!!! We have amazing seats!

- Jessica

Blueboard Experiences

Big Simba and Shenzi from our local little theater class got to watch the big time production of #lionking on Broadway. King size thanks to @chloeandisabel and @blueboardinc for the 4 tickets!

- Kristiana

Blueboard Experiences

Tera at Glassblowing

A sampling of experiences your fellow Merchandisers have embarked on recently!

Erin at Date Night

3. Enjoy!

How Blueboard Works

1. Browse

Once you've received your reward (congratulations!), you’ll be able to browse our online catalog and select your preferred experience category

Have an amazing time – you earned it! Tag your photos with #Blueboarding and #chloeandisabel for a chance to be featured!

As a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser, you'll receive VIP treatment from Blueboard’s Concierge Team – they'll take care of planning your unique experience!

2. Book

You can read more on the benefits of Experiential Rewards 

in this recent article from USA Today

Why reward with experiences?

Chloe + Isabel and Blueboard are partnering up to give you the opportunity to live out your passions, explore new adventures, and embrace your creativity through rewarding you with unique, local experiences. We hope that you’ll find these rewards enjoyable and memorable — it's our way of saying thank you! 


A bit more about Blueboard

At Blueboard, we believe in recognizing a job well done by rewarding team members in meaningful ways – ways that you’ll remember, get you ear-to-ear-grinning excited, and that you want to share with others. We founded Blueboard as a way to help people challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and experience new things – just like you’re doing at Chloe + Isabel through the Merchandiser opportunity. 

Time and time again, we see the real benefits of offering Blueboard experiences to team members at organizations across the U.S. – people are more motivated, feel more appreciated, and embody positive company values. We hope you’ll enjoy getting out-and-about with your unique experiences through Chloe + Isabel, and please keep in touch along the way!